Our practice began in 1995. Dr. Maninder S. Kahlon established Arizona Neurology, which has evolved into the Arizona Neurological Institute as a major west valley provider of neurological, physical, and rehabilitative services. The clinical reputation of the practice and its relationship to each patient must continue to be the most important asset, and each of us must set forth our best effort to protect and to grow our passion for caring and quality of care to our patients. ANI has grown substantially, continuing in its quest to deliver superior care.

The quality we wish to create within the organization requires continued pursuit and devotion. It is dependent upon the people we recruit to join us. We can be more sophisticated and effective in this process if we look far enough ahead and plan our efforts completely. Our selectivity should increase with time in both our recruitments and acquisitions. We must be willing and able to measure our performance and commit to improve it. Those who are not willing to maintain the standard must be weeded out to allow those who wish to improve to do so. Cost and quality are not on opposite ends of the spectrum. If we design and implement a quality program we will improve the total cost of health care to our patient population.

It is important for the communities we serve to recognize that they will always have the benefit of the latest thinking wherever they come to us. We are uniquely configured to accomplish these goals, and will do so if we make quality our central strategy.